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Live Syncing

Live syncing is a core feature offered by mSLDev. By default mSLDev will scan your computer automatically for any running instance of mIRC.

The Sync bar is broken down into each of the scripting sections of mIRC. Double clicking the script or alias files will open them in mSLDev for editing. By default mSLDev will sync the updated file with mIRC once the changes have been saved.


mSLDev simply looks at running instances - this means the location of installation is irrelevant - making it possible to run mSLDev AND mIRC portably from a thumb drive with no issues (Provided all dependencies are accounted for).


Locked mIRC will show up locked in mSLDev as well. A locked mIRC can be opened by clicking on it from the taskbar, as usual, or by right clicking on it in mSLDev.

Per-Instance Options

Sometimes it is desired to have certain settings set per each instance of mIRC. mSLDev allows you to customize some aspects of mSLDev from each mIRC instance.

Instance Name

The name of the mIRC instance shown in mSLDev can customized. This is particularly helpful if you have a separate instance for a bot, for example.

alias msldev_get_name return <Instance_Name>

Other Options

Some other options are also possible via the msldev_get_options alias:

alias msldev_get_options return <Option_Set>

<Option_Set> Can be any of the following ORed together:

  1. 1 - Hide Instance
  2. 2 - Allow mSLDev to hook into it even if its locked

Syncing Scripts With Running Instances

By default, mSLDev will automatically sync any remote or alias script file with every running instance of mIRC when you save the file. This operation works seamlessly even with mIRCs that have the “Monitor File Changes” option checked. mSLDev lets you disable this feature by going to Alt+O → Synchronizer → [X] Sync script files with mIRC on save.

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