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 ====== Real-Time Error Detection ====== ====== Real-Time Error Detection ======
 +{{ :error_detection.png|}}
 +mSLDev possesses full semantic knowledge of mSL, which allows it to provide **real-time error detection** to assist in writing error-free code and reduce time spent debugging.
-One of the disadvantages about scripting languages is that since they are (usually) not typed, nor compiled, they allows you to type nonsense that cannot be catched like a compiler would. +===== Message Area ===== 
-The mIRC Scripting Language is no exception, and is even worse in that regard, the way it works with that concept of evaluation, allowing you to dynamically create the called commands/identifiers, is really error prone. +The **Message Area** consolidates all errors, warnings, and other information into one place. Double-clicking an item in the error list will bring you to the relevant location in a scriptThe message area can be moved by dragging its title bar.{{:message_area.png?300 |}} 
-mslDev will greatly help you there, it will report any syntax error you can make by highlighting the wrong part of the code, it helps reducing a lot the time spent on debugging+ 
-A special windowthe "Message Area" windowis dedicated to the display of errors, warnings and informations found in all files opened. + 
-Typically, errors are what will produce real error, warnings are nonsense that might become something later, and informations are a different level of warning.+ 
 +===== Types of Warnings ===== 
 +Warnings are divided into three categories: ErrorsWarnings, and Info**Info** hints that there may be a problem. **Warnings** are items which are incorrect but may not prevent script from executing. **Errors** are items which are definitely incorrect.
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