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 ====== Calltips ====== ====== Calltips ======
 +**Calltips** provide a quick syntax reference for built-in identifiers as you type.{{ :calltip1.png |}}
 +The current parameter is highlighted in the calltip with **<bold>** text. Identifiers with optional parameters may have more information which can be viewed by pressing the ''**up**/**down**'' arrow keys. Pressing ''**esc**'' will close the calltip.
-How many time did you start editing an $identifier or a command, forget about the syntax, check it, and get back to the code? Too many time? This is perfect for you then! 
-A calltip is a little text poping up when you are editing an $identifier, it displays the syntax of that $identifier, it even highlights the number of the parameter you are editing if there are more than one syntax for the same identifier, you can go through them using the up/down arrow key (or by clicking on the arrow on the calltip itself), you can make it disappear by hitting the escape key. 
-{{ :calltip.png?nolink |}} 
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