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Autocomplete is a core feature offered by mSLDev. mSLDev offers auto-complete for multiple contexts.

Some of the auto-completion includes:

  • Identifier auto-complete
  • Variable auto-complete
  • Com name auto-complete
  • Property auto-complete
  • Colors

Identifier Autocomplete

Identifier autocomplete is the most common form of autocompletion.

  • - Built-in identifier, No arguments
  • - Built-in identifier, Takes arguments
  • - Custom alias
  • - Custom local alias
  • - Third-party library identifier, No arguments
  • - Third-party library identifier, Takes arguments

Variable Autocomplete

mSLDev has support for variable auto-completion as well. Variables within location scope will show up in the auto-completer.

Properties autocomplete

Certain built-in identifiers support a set of properties. mSLDev has autocomplete for those identifiers.

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