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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000259 [mSLDev]
General (other)
majornew2015-10-31mSLDev high cpu usage
  0000258 [mSLDev]
General (other)
majornew2015-10-19Deletion of scripts
  0000257 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
minornew2015-10-19A few suggestions
  0000256 [mSLDev]
Syntax Checking
majornew2015-09-26Add support for parseline events
  0000255 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2015-03-03Add support for popups tab.
  0000254 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2015-01-10N of M match counter for find/replace
  0000250 [mSLDev]
GUI Related
minornew2014-11-17Vertical scrollbar resize glitches when unfolding code in split views
GUI Related
minornew2014-10-29Default text color reverts to black
  0000248 [mSLDev]
GUI Related
minornew2014-10-25Default text color reverts to black
  0000247 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
minornew2014-10-07Cancel autocomplete of ( ) pair in front of variables, similar to ident behavior
Future Suggestions
minornew2014-09-30Improvement of the dropdown combo for quick access
  0000245 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2014-09-28Autocomplete /commands
  0000244 [mSLDev]
tweaknew2014-09-28Idents that have parameters should show brackets in the autocomplete menu (e.g. $nick() vs $nick)
  0000243 [mSLDev]
minornew2014-09-28Backspacing to $ for autocomplete results in $$
  0000242 [mSLDev]
minornew2014-09-28Autocompleting capitalized aliases can give inconsistent results (
Syntax Highlighting
minornew2014-09-28&& and || not highlighted inside $iif() condition (
  0000241 [mSLDev]
General (other)
minornew2014-09-28nested identifier and calltip
General (other)
minornew2014-09-27Using variable declaration on same line as opening block code, followed by $&, results in terrible block management
  0000239 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2014-09-27Ability to clicking line numbers to highlight single, or click-drag to highlight multiple, lines
GUI Related
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-26Exiting with the application window maximized results in unexpected behavior during next load
Syntax Checking
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-23Closing brace not found when using $&
  0000237 [mSLDev]
General (other)
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-17highlighting of { }
  0000236 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
minornew2014-09-12Minimize msldev in the tray
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-12variables name "%1-"
Future Suggestions
featureresolved (administrator)2014-09-12Middle mouse button closes tab
Syntax Checking
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-12checking for valid variables names in /var
  0000232 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-12The find dialog (controk + f) needs an highlight button
  0000231 [mSLDev]
General (other)
minorresolved (administrator)2014-09-11v0.4.0.101
General (other)
featureresolved (administrator)2014-09-11Sync system
General (other)
minornew2014-06-04Unable to change directory during installation
  0000204 [mSLDev]
Syntax Checking
minorresolved (administrator)2014-06-04on *:serverdeop: (
  0000230 [mSLDev]
GUI Related
minorresolved (administrator)2014-05-25Using the drop down combo for quick references of aliases/events/menus
  0000201 [mSLDev]
Syntax Checking
minorresolved (administrator)2014-05-25$& cause #group issues
  0000226 [mSLDev]
Syntax Checking
minorresolved (administrator)2014-05-25using 'del' key and { } syntax highlighting
  0000229 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2014-04-25Have option screen retain previous state
  0000227 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2014-04-23Add option to disable Calltip
  0000225 [mSLDev]
Syntax Highlighting
minornew2014-04-17$submenu and alias name with :
GUI Related
minornew2014-04-14F3 to look for the next match works in others tabs
Syntax Checking
minorresolved (administrator)2014-03-01Make msldev detect the TAB character before a command.
General (other)
trivialresolved (administrator)2014-03-01$& is not ignored in comments
  0000222 [mSLDev]
GUI Related
  0000221 [mSLDev]
GUI Related
minornew2014-01-20mslDev's GUI is glitched
Future Suggestions
minornew2014-01-10displaying the number of informations/errors/warnings of files inside the sync bar
  0000208 [mSLDev]
Future Suggestions
featurenew2014-01-04Creating New Hash Tables
  0000207 [mSLDev]
Syntax Checking
minornew2013-12-25illegal math operation in $calc() with eval brackets (
  0000206 [mSLDev]
minornew2013-12-17/var assignement
  0000205 [mSLDev]
Syntax Checking
minornew2013-12-17Errors/informations with event definitions
Syntax Highlighting
majorassigned (administrator)2013-11-23Highlighting a variable in the same scope with $&
  0000203 [mSLDev]
Syntax Highlighting
minornew2013-11-23editing alias file with /* */ comment, using $&
  0000202 [mSLDev]
General (other)
minornew2013-11-23Control + s to save an alias file
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