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0000107mSLDevFuture Suggestionspublic2013-03-27 19:292013-03-28 00:59
Assigned Toadministrator 
PlatformWin7 64-bitOSWindows 7OS Version(6.1)
Product Version0.3.1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.4.1.0 
Summary0000107: The control + f window
DescriptionUnder the 'edit' menu item, shouldn't ctrl+f be displayed as the shortcut for 'find and replace'?

After hitting Control + f for the first time, the default default icon is X.
If you right click the little magnifying glass (MG) to bring the different kind of search option, several other icon are shown and displayed accordingly, but then you cannot see that default icon again, which makes me wonder:
1) What's the default method to find text?
2) Is that default method an item in the list of searching option when you right click the MG?
3) I think there is a problem there, either just with the icon, or with the feature itself

When msldev finds a match or more, i think it should highlight the first one directly (currently, we need to click the 'next' button once).

Hitting F3 should mimic clicking the 'next button' (typical from a text editor)
Having another Fkey to 'previous' could be nice.

'next'/'previous' button should cycle the file(s)
A checkbox to search/replace in all files could/should be added

The cursor should change to a hand or similar to indicate that we can interact with the MG, otherwise it looks like a gui element we cannot use.
I also find the use of the right click not ideal, a simple click to activate the MG would be better imo.

The red X button to close that window could be highlighted when we put the mouse over it.

Shouldn't we be able to get the 'Whole word' search option with the default method?

previous/next/replace/replace all/ button should have their first letter in CAPS

Can we use some markers like \1 \2 \3 etc in the 'replace with' editbox when we use backref with regex?

The size of the two editboxes are different, the one on top is much bigger and might be to close from the gray line.

The editboxes controls could be changed to a editable dropdown combo, and we would have an history for the two editboxes, up/down arrow key to browse, do not cycle, hitting down with nothing in history gives an empty content, just like editboxes in mirc.

When we select 'identifier search', it always ignores the first character if it's a $, which is good, now it doesn't highlight the '('
meaning that if you type 'nick(' to make the difference with 'nick' it says 'no match'

/!\ The previous button doesn't work (at least not with identifiers search) /!\

Hitting enter should allow to refresh the search.

The variable search option matches for '%', perhaps not ideal, just wondering.

Shouldn't the variable search finds all matches instead of only the ones for the current scope, according to the cursor position? (i guess it's using the highlight variable settings in options...).

The regular expression engine isn't pcre :(
The regular expression used by Qt is quite buggy as I said on IRC, perhaps using pcre in the future could be prefered?
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related to 0000087closedadministrator Find tool changes (selecting text and tab order) 

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administrator (administrator)
2013-03-27 22:12

Actually, the text field is the default, not a button. Any search option checked can be unchecked.
No selection is done automatically, you have to click find once - this is by design and is consistent with every other editor in existence.
However every match is highlighted for convenience.
No, the default is just a normal caseless match - not whole words, that would make it impossible to match on non-word boundaries.

F3 and Shift+F3 are now bound to the next/prev buttons

You can close the find/replace by hitting escape, the X is there for novice users.

You can already do regex replacements with capturing groups.

"Hitting enter should allow to refresh the search." - Not sure what that means. Hitting enter does go to the next match.

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