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0000078mSLDevGeneral (other)public2013-03-22 20:552014-03-01 01:45
Win7 64-bitWindows 7(6.1) 
0000078: $& is not ignored in comments
$& should be ignored when it is in a comment, but it still indents the following line.
Copy paste either of these into the IDE and then hit the "{ }" brackets button:

Method 1:

; echo -a a $&

Method 2:

echo -a a $&
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2013-03-22 21:35   
This is actually related to this: [^]

This is actually by design. Yes, we mimicked an mIRC bug! The reason being is when you have a group of scripters using a GIT or SVN, some use mSLDev, some don't. When the bug didn't exist in mSLDev, SVN kept showing random two spaces being added and removed in various locations where $& might have been commented out. Unfortunately this was an annoyance big enough (brought to my attention by multiple parties) that a decision was made to actually mimic the bug and solve the issue.

It looks like Khaled might finally fix this bug. When it happens, I'll update mSLDev accordingly.

This bug report is to remain open until such time.
2013-11-06 13:40   
The issue has been fixed and msldev still mimic the old behavior?
Looks like your parties using SVN hasn't been using either msldev or newer mIRC version for a long time :d