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0000062mSLDevFuture Suggestionspublic2012-06-26 06:212013-03-27 02:40
0000062: Make mSLDev NOT hook into a locked mIRC.
mSLDev can see all running scripts of a mIRC that is locked (CTRL+Minimize).
Would be nice for mSLDev to have an opion to not be able to load the scripts.

Reasoning behind this is, if the mIRC is locked down, I am away. I do not want anyone/anything messing with my loaded scripts.

Use mIRC's $locked identifier?
CTRL+Minimize mIRC
((Put in password if one is not set))
Open mSLDev
Can alter scripts of locked down mIRC.
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2013-03-27 02:40   
mSLDev will no longer allow you to modify things in a locked mIRC. Locked mIRC instances will show up with a little padlock. You can right click it to unlock it.