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0000044mSLDevGUI Relatedpublic2011-07-29 20:542013-03-22 13:28
WinXP 32-bitWindows XP(5.1) 
0000044: Exspand/Shrink Arrow issue.
The arrow between " Line 1" and the "alias", click it, so it turns right, causing the code to "minimize".
Now, click the issue the code below causes in the Debug tab, mSLDev is suppose to go to that line of code, but does not, as its "minimized".
alias foo {
var %foo = $regex(foo,$1,/^.*(asdf|sdfG|wert $&
|fghjfghj|345r6|wewery|zsdfg $&

on :TEXT:*:#:{
echo -a Line 1, click the arrow, so it turns right, now, click line in the debug tab. It does not go to the line of code.
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