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0000258mSLDevGeneral (other)public2015-10-19 08:432015-10-19 08:43
Win7 64-bitWindows 7(6.1) 
0000258: Deletion of scripts
I have seen it been reported before, but it seems mSLDev OR perhaps me, have a mistakes which resets the scripts back to an earlier date.

I know for a fact this is a case, but I am not sure and cant tell if it is because I keep switching back and forth between the default and msldev scripts editor. (Since the old is a habbit for me). And by the time I realize something is gone, I dont remember wheter or not I used the old one or the new one.
Please help me figure this out, or make some sort of reminder-ish if you keep switching, or make it update the actual script better.

Please /ms send Terror_nisse with answer :) As I tend to forget I have posted this xD
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