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0000250mSLDevGUI Relatedpublic2014-11-17 18:112014-11-17 18:11
Win8 64-bitWindows 8(6.2)
0000250: Vertical scrollbar resize glitches when unfolding code in split views
Unfolding code at the bottom of a split view can cause one of two different issues, depending on which split frame the code is unfolded in:

1. If code at the bottom of the primary frame is unfolded, the secondary frame's scrollbar will fail to resize to fit the expanded code. (Adding or removing a line will cause the secondary scrollbar to update.)

2. If code at the bottom of the secondary frame is unfolded, the vertical scrollbars of both views will fail to resize. (Adding or removing a line will have no effect.)
1. Create or open a script file with a foldable block of code near the bottom of text area (so that when that code is unfolded, it extends past the bottom and should cause the vertical scrollbar to resize). Fold that code if necessary.

2. Enable one of the split views.

3. Unfold the folded block of code described in step 1 in the primary split frame. Refold the code and repeat for the secondary split view.
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