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0000249mSLDevGUI Relatedpublic2014-10-25 01:492014-10-29 19:51
Win8 64-bitWindows 8(6.2)
0000249: Default text color reverts to black
If the default text (foreground) color is set to something other than black (rgb 0, 0, 0), it may display as black when creating a new script file or opening mSLDev until navigating to Colors and Fonts in the Options menu.

Video of bug included.
1. Set a default text color to something easily distinguishable from black

2. Create a new script file

3. Type some code that would use the default text color, (for example: "alias test echo -ga this is some test..."), and press "Enter".
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? blackTextGlitch.mp4 (953,547) 2014-10-25 02:25
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2014-10-29 19:51   
After performing the temporary fix, undo (whether via the ctrl+z shortcut or edit menu option) immediately after will cause the text to become black again. Likewise, redo after this undo will cause the black text to become the expected color. If these are done immediately after opening the file and applying the fix, the undo will cause the file to be marked as edited (asterisk by the file name).