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0000231mSLDevGeneral (other)public2014-06-04 22:062014-09-11 23:37
Win7 64-bitWindows 7(6.1) 
0000231: v0.4.0.101
There seems to be an issue with the find feature (CTRL+F). Whenever I attempt to find some text, the find usually gives me more than the total of actual results.

Also, when the yellow highlights begin to show up, they often highlight matches that are not matches at all.
Open a new file. Type in the code below EXACTLY:

alias dobug if ($check) { highlights .this }
alias donothing {

Now, press CTRL+F and type: chec

You will notice that the yellow will highlight not only the chec in $check, but also the word 'this' and also 'g {'
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png msldev_find3.png (11,088) 2014-06-04 22:06
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