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0000222: Calltips
I reported issues in the past regarding the calltips and how/when they are displayed, this one is different I think.
When writting a simple loop going through a list of token with $gettok, the calltip for $gettok should disappear but does not.
I don't use the () completion, nor the bracket completion.
0000001 - get an alias block:

alias myalias {


0000002 - type out, without copy pasting:

var %a 1
while ($gettok(%listoftoken,%a,32)) {


In my situation, after adding the } of the loop, I still have the $gettok calltip, and more annoying than ever, because of it, I can't hit the up arrow and type "inc %a".

We had an argument in the past where I think that the calltip should always disappear whenever the ')' of that identifier can be found so here when I type the 32)| ,| is the cursor, it should disappear. But even if you think it should disappear right now because we're next to the ), it at least should disappear when pressing the second ')' in 32))| or after pressing the space... of after pressing the {.. :)
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