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0000221mSLDevGUI Relatedpublic2014-01-20 06:452014-01-20 06:45
0000221: mslDev's GUI is glitched
Recently, was down and Zmodem asked for the latest msldev.exe (0.98), I copied mine from the folder and shared it with dropbox, so far so good.
He then started to report the program was opened with a weird UI.
The UI looks like this: [^]
Note that the program still works, the problems that come with that UI are irrelevant, I'm not going to list them nor the workarounds.

For sure I told him the problem was on his end! Not really.

I recently changed stuff on my comp, moved folder around, deleted old files etc..
Note: I'm on window 7 pro, and I think Zmodem is too

I had the msldev.exe and others stuff (libs etc) in C:\users\wims\desktop\msldev\ and moved that to C:\msldev\
Today I went to run my msldev shortcut and windows correctly yielded 'can't find your program on c:\users\wims\desktop\msldev', would you like to look for it?'
I clicked no, right clicked the shortcut > properties and changed the target to C:\msldev\mSLDev.exe and the 'Start in' option to C:\msldev\ (before it was the same, but with the appropriate folder C:\users\wims\desktop), saved and ran the shortcut, I got that UI problem.
I tried to run the .exe directly, same problem.
But unlike Zmodem I knew general.ini, which is stored in the Appdata was most likely the fucker here, and indeed, deleting that file made msldev runs with default settings, which means the UI was correct, putting back my old general.ini made the problem reappear.
Furthermore, the General section of general.ini is the problem, my actual values (buggy) are:

If I edit either the initGeo name to initGeotest, or initState to initStattest (but no both at the same time) the UI is correct.

I don't know what's causing this but I hope you have enough clues here
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