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0000220mSLDevGUI Relatedpublic2014-01-20 02:292014-09-26 23:23
Win7 64-bitWindows 7(6.1) 
0000220: Exiting with the application window maximized results in unexpected behavior during next load
If I exit the app when it is maximized, the next time I start mSLDev it will be on the top-left portion of my screen, locked there, with no titlebar showing and only taking up about 200x200 pixels. The only way to fix it is to click the taskbar button to minimize and then again to restore it, and only then does it restore to proper screen max. Now, if I close the mSLDev while it's anything BUT maximized, and then open it, it will open fine; only time I get this problem is if I exit out of it while it's maximized.

Resolution: 1920x1080; 24" monitor
1. Start mSLDev
2. Maximize mSLDev window
3. Exit mSLDev
4. Start mSLDev again
This happens every single time for me, and is easily reproduced.
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I made a better report here [^]