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0000190mSLDevAutoCompletepublic2013-11-01 00:082013-11-01 01:45
0000190: pressing right arrow jumps an extra character (when leaving a calltip?) (
Pressing the right arrow key jumps two characters instead of one in some situations.
;Start with this:
alias foo if () noop

;move the cursor inside the conditional and type an identifier which has a calltip, such as $dialog()
;cursor should be inside $dialog(|) with a calltip open
;press the right arrow key once and the cursor jumps two characters and closes the calltip. pipe shows new cursor position:
alias foo if ($dialog())| noop
;it doesn't seem to matter what the characters are, the cursor just jumps two of them.
;leftmose pipe shows beginning position (with calltip still open) and rightmost pipe shows end position:

alias foo if ($dialog(|) |) noop
;in this case the second jumped character was a space
;same thing here; again leftmost = start, right = end (and with calltip open for $calc
alias foo noop $calc(|) |foo
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