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0000149mSLDevGUI Relatedpublic2013-04-19 14:342013-06-29 09:07
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0000149: Calltip isn't updated when moving out of an identifier
Nest two identifiers having a calltip and close the nested identifier.
alias test {

| is still the cursor.

Type "$hfind(", you get "$hfind(|) -- calltip for $hfind pop up.
Type "$hget(", you get $hfind($hget(|)) -- calltip updated for $hget
Type ")" (happen when you are not used to get the ) automatically).

You end up with "$hfind($hget()|))" but the calltip isn't updated.
As far as I see it, at this point i think it should display the calltip for $hfind for the first parameter, note that that hitting "," does bring up the calltip again correctly for $hfind, ie:
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