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- Comment Bug (each character generated an error of its own)
- Syntax tip will now show up for $$identifiers
- Tweaked a lot how condition error detection works
- Added support for menus
- Added support for CTCP events
- Added support for Raw events
- All Events should now be correctly supported
- Menus and Dialogs can now be collapsed, bug fixed
- Cltr+O is not used for Plain text, Ctrl+Shift+O for open
- All lines of code that are not part of a correct block will be error-ed out
- Property auto-complete now works with idents starting with $$ as well
- Syntax tooltip now works with idents starting with $$ as well
- Sped up when you double click on an error message.
- Added Goto support (Ctrl+G)
- mSLDev supports file (or multiple files) dragged and dropped onto it
- mSLDev now has a better, more robust CallTip, it will now show the description of the identifier as well
- The CallTip currently only has identifiers up to D (but not including Ds) working
- Collapsed blocks are now underlined.

- 0000031: [Syntax Checking] $didtok() syntax checking error (administrator) - resolved.
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